Latest Club News:

27/02/2018 – Jock White Field Day
Another great turn out for this past weekends JW Field Day, and as a club we made just over 410 contacts (Phone and CW).
The numbers are still being counted and we will update them online as well as we know the result, but seems to be about the same number of contacts as last year. Sadly there wasn’t any visitors of the flying kind this year, and only a few photos were taken of the event, but we will get these updated as soon as we can. Special thanks to Phil ZL3JM for towing the caravan, and to Kevin ZL2DUS for arranging the use of the air field once again.

19/02/2018 – Annual AGM
The annual AGM was held this past Saturday (17/02/2018), with a good number of members turning out to the meeting.
There was a lot covered, so please check the newsletter for a summary on what was discussed.
One important reminder is that upon completion of the AGM the clubs Subs become due for the next year. The treasurer has requested that everyone pay their Subs by the end of March, with Internet Banking payments being the preferred method of payment. Details in the newsletter, and please remember to use your call sign as reference.

05/01/2018 – DSTAR Repeater Online.
The DSTAR Repeater is now running again. Thanks for your patience.

26/12/2017 – DSTAR Repeater Offline
The DSTAR Repeater has been taking offline. This is due to a technical issue with the gateway linking radio, which is what connects to the DSTAR Network. Hopefully it wont be off the air long, but we will update the website again when its back up and running.

02/12/2017 – Fusion Wires X Project (Update #3) – Frequency Change
Kindly note that due to some unwanted QRM, the Wires-X frequency has been changed to 144.630. If you need assistance with re-programming your radio, please see Nate ZL2NAT or Richard ZL2FY. The CTCSS Tone of 88.5 still applies to the new frequency.

03/11/2017 – Multi-Mode DMR/DSTAR/Fusion Reflector is a new multi-mode reflector, run from right here from NZ.
This reflector supports DSTAR, DMR and Yaesu Fusion transmissions all at the same time using different modules.
With this setup its also possible for a person to be talking on a DMR radio and another person on a DSTAR radio and they will be able to QSO with good quality audio.
To do this, connect to DCS750D on your DSTAR Radio and it will link to Brandmeister TalkGroup 53099 for DMR users on Brandmeister HotSpots.
Other links are in the pipeline as well so stay tuned, and see ZL2NAT or ZL1OZ for more information.

31/10/2017 – Happy Halloween!
Q. Who was the most famous ghost detective? A. Sherlock Moans.
Q. What is a ghost’s favorite band? A. The Boos Brothers
Q. Who are some of the were-wolves cousins? A. The what-wolves and when-wolves.
Laugh,  it burns calories!…

25/10/2017 – DSTAR Repater Fixed!
The DSTAR repeater was brought down from the hill last week, and has had the settings tweaked to try and minimise the “R2D2” packet loss.
It has also improved the coverage around Kapiti/Horowhenua and is allowing Handheld Radios to be used in a lot more places than before.
Please let Nate ZL2NAT know of any issues going forward.

19/10/2017 – New Mesh Network (AREDN)
A new Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) Mesh Network is now available in some parts of NZ, with further expansion to happen in the not to distant future. There have been several improvements on the way this new Mesh communicates and the throughput (speed of the network) has improved tenfold compared to the old Mesh Network. As a result of this new technology, we will now have the capabilities to run services such as Video Streaming or IP Cameras, VoIP Telephony, Websites and much more.
At this stage, the ZL2KB equipment that is already implemented as part of the existing Mesh Network is being upgraded to AREDN, and whilst we have been told that the old Mesh Network and AREDN are compatible, we strongly recommend that you re-flash your equipment to take advantage of the new technology as well. Please see ZL2FY or ZL2NAT for more info on switching over, and we welcome inquiries for any other members that would like to be a part of the Mesh.

17/10/2017 – CW Learners Group
A CW Learners group has started recently and is going well.
CW (Morse Code) is generally transmitted on 21.010MHz from approx 19:15 each night (except Tuesday nights where its done at the Clubrooms) for about 30 minutes and is decoded via 685 Repeater. If you would like to join in or help out, please let Phil ZL3JM know.