Kapiti Amateur Radio Society

Welcome to Kapiti Branch 69

We are officially known as Kapiti Amateur Radio Society Inc, and we are an Amateur/Ham Radio club based right here on the Kapiti Coast. Our callsign is ZL2KB, and we are Branch 69 of the New Zealand Associations for Radio Transmitters

Along side the hobby of amateur radio, our club is involved in a number of activities in the local community, including the deployment of backup emergency communications in the event of a major natural disaster. We are also ready to assist with any LandSAR (search and rescue) call outs that are coordinated from the Kapiti area.

We have members of all ages and encourage anyone who is interested in Radio Communications, Computers or Electronics to come along and see what we are involved in.  For more information and FAQs, please click here



Latest Club News:

As per the last club newsletter, our Christmas function is fast approaching!
There are 3 options for the club function, so please let Phil ZL3Jm know of your preference as soon as possible so arrangements can be made.


19/10/2017 – New Mesh Network (AREDN)
A new Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) Mesh Network is now available in some parts of NZ, with further expansion to happen in the not to distant future. There have been several improvements on the way this new Mesh communicates and the throughput (speed of the network) has improved tenfold compared to the old Mesh Network. As a result of this new technology, we will now have the capabilities to run services such as Video Streaming or IP Cameras, VoIP Telephony, Websites and much more.
At this stage, the ZL2KB equipment that is already implemented as part of the existing Mesh Network is being upgraded to AREDN, and whilst we have been told that the old Mesh Network and AREDN are compatible, we strongly recommend that you re-flash your equipment to take advantage of the new technology as well. Please see ZL2FY or ZL2NAT for more info on switching over, and we welcome inquiries for any other members that would like to be a part of the Mesh.


17/10/2017 – CW Training
A CW Learners group has started recently and is going well.
CW (Morse Code) is generally transmitted on 21.010MHz from approx 19:15 each night (except Tuesday nights where its done at the Clubrooms) for about 30 minutes and is decoded via 685 Repeater. If you would like to join in or help out, please let Phil Zl3JM know.


24/06/2017 – Fusion Wires X Project (Update #2)
The Fusion Wires X service is back up and running again. However to minimise impact on the 685 repeater, it is running in Simplex mode from the clubroom mast. It gives good coverage around Kapiti and is currently using  144.610MHz with CTCSS tone of 88.5 on TX. Click Here to review the manual on how to use the service.

06/06/2017 – New ZL DSTAR Reflector
A new NZ DSTAR reflector has been established and is now available on the Kapiti DSTAR repeater. Reflector 626 is accessible by direct input from your radio, using REF626AL as the link command. Further information will be provided by ZL2NAT for anyone who wants to know more and the dashboard can be found here

10/05/2016 – 685 Repeater (Update #3)
The 685 repeater is back online, and the fault has now been resolved. Normal use can now resume. As mentioned in previous updates, further testing of the Fusion Wires X project are on going, but at this point it is not currently linked to the 685 repeater. We will provide further updates in due course.

01/05/2017 – Club Net
A friendly reminder that the Branch 69 net is now held on Wednesday night at 7.30pm, on the 685 repeater.

01/03/2017 – Jock White Field Day 2017
This year we again operated in the 80 meters only band, for a combined preliminary score of 67666. This number is down a bit from last years score of 75915, but we are still waiting for the breakdown of the contacts to compare the overall result of the contest from last year. These will be posted as soon as they are made available. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the photos from the weekend under the gallery section!